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What is NUCLEO?

Nucleo is an integrated business management tool (ERP) that guarantees maximum quality in data input and usage.

It integrates in real time through latest technologies in mobility, communication and identification, departments, processes, devices and people. It turns data into reliable information for efficient and correct decision making.

What makes Nucleo stand out among other ERPs?

A solid, robust and flexible ERP that stood the test of time

From the day it was created, Nucleo has evolved largely but its essence has remained intact.

Nucleo is a configurable ERP based on services that maintains the integrity of versions. Whatever we do, we think it long term, because we want it to be sustainable over time. ERP Nucleo adapts that way to the specific needs of companies from different sectors.

Proof that Nucleo is constructed in this way is the range of sectors it has been introduced in: food industry, electronics, tool machines, car industry, industrial supplies, casting, printing, large purchasing groups, hydrocarbons.

Nucleo has developed over 100 modules

Work flow

Nucleo is made up of a series of perfectly integrated functional modules.


  • Food industry
  • Automotive
  • Commerce
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Industry
  • Public Body
  • Petrochemistry
  • Health
  • Services
  • Transport and logistics

Casos de éxito relacionados

Zumeta Bizitegia

Zumeta Bizitegia was founded in Ibarra in 1990, and had a 1000 square meters greenhouse. Today it is located in Aduna and has 12 workers and facilities on more than 15 000 square meters.


ARTECHE has more than 60 years of experience of offering solutions to its customers in the electrical sector, generation, transmission, distribution and industry.

Frutas Urkola

Distribución y manipulación de frutas, verduras y hortalizas.


Company specialized in the supply of steel material for the mechanical construction industry. It has a large, permanent stock of laminated steel and round forged steel, which has the most commercial qualities, as these are supplied in bars or cut to measure.


Zamak [zinc material] injected casting.

San Miguel Garraioak

Immediate transport of intermediate goods for companies in their environment and storage of goods. IIS (Inter-areas Immediate Service).


SENASA Sociedad Envases Alimentarios S.A is a company that makes plastic packaging and that specializes in food packaging.


Esergui is an independent operator who manages the network of Avia petrol stations across our country.


A company specialized in the design, manufacture and assembly of facilities for the iron and steel industry, focusing its activity on the sector engaged in the transformation and processing of metal bobbins.


Since 1953, EYHER S.L. has designed and manufactured solutions for moving industrial loads. Our experience in industrial handling is at your disposal together with a wide range of products adapted to your needs.


A company engaged in the assembly and repair of high and low voltage electricity lines, transformation centres and protection and handling equipment.

Promociones Bisan

A commercial paper company based in Tolosa, its main activity is the supply of paper for different uses and diverse industrial sectors.

AGA Cerrajería Industrial

Cerrajería industrial is located in Mondragon, the center of metal work in the Basque Country since late XIX century. It is the cradle of great businessmen in the field of metal work with 50 years of experience and know-how.


We have been formulating and manufacturing mixtures of ingredients, additives and spices for the food industry since 1978. Working in close collaboration with our customers, we apply innovative solutions to their manufacturing requirements.

Bodegas Elosegi

Company that specializes in bottling and marketing selected wines from the best wine-growing areas, combining tradition, innovation and respect towards the environment.

Donibane Fish

Donibane Fish offers an exquisite and extensive selection of the best and juiciest cod from the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Norway, enabling the customer to choose the option that best suits its needs.


Originating in Urretxu (Guipúzcoa) and with 40 years experience in the food industry.


Company engaged in the preparation of pre-cooked products. Its history dates back to 1960 when Enrique Perez, founder of Precocinados Benetan, decided to head off to Paris to learn about his great passion: cooking.

Grupo Delta

Grupo Delta is the leader in the digital printing sector in Guipúzcoa. We always look for excellence in the tasks we perform, aiming to exceed the expectations of our customers through the highest standards of quality.


Leaders in Guipúzcoa in Equipment for the Hotel and Catering Business and Commercial Refrigeration, we are the official distributor for Fagor Industrial in Guipúzcoa.


Reproducciones Ocaña has 80 years experience in the reprography service in Granada, an experienced team of printers, designers, installers, equipped with the latest machinery, technical means and training in order to undertake any task relating to digital graphic production.

BST Rods

TTTEjes, S.A., part of the TTT Group, started up its activity in the automotive sector in 1996 with the firm aim of becoming a world leader in the manufacture of shock absorber rods.


Since 1984, Auxiliar de Carrocerías has been making and marketing kits, parts and accessories for semitrailers and trucks vehicle bodies of any tonnage.

Ayerbe Industrial de Motores

Company that specializes in the making of generating sets and light machinery for the construction sector and industry.

Gurdi Kooperatiba Elkartea

GURDI is an agricultural cooperative, founded in 2003. Its primary task is to offer farmers all sorts of services.

Guima Máquinas Herramienta

We are a small and independent company that specializes in the distribution of high quality tool machines and related tools from Germany and Switzerland across Spain.


Juan Ignacio Mijangos and Mª Victoria Churruca established Beortek, S.A in Bilbao in 1985 with the aim to provide services to the scientific and medical community in the Basque Country.

Cascos Maquinaria

From the moment it was established, Cascos Maquinaria S.A based its leadership on constant research and development of new products.

Com & Media

From the very beginning, Com & Media has remained loyal to its initial concept of offering their customers a comprehensive service pack in the world of communication.

Cooperativa Alkartasuna

The primary goal of the “Alkartasuna” Cooperative Agricultural Company is to help the small farmer in Usurbil and the surrounding area by creating and promoting his services and offers.

Estalki Pack

Estalki Pack S.L, specializes in the production and distribution of all sorts of packaging for industry and services.


Working at a professional level since 1960, Fecin Cepillería Industrial, started off as manufacturers of wire brushes almost 50 years ago.

Ferretería Bidasoa

Ferretería Bidasoa is a company with over 50 years of experience in the field of ironmongery and industrial supply.


Company that was founded in 1988 and that specializes in professional hygiene. It focuses its activity on daily commitment with their clients.


The Redima Ibérica Group, was founded in 1966 by its current president Mr. J.M.Eguia. Today it is considered to be a leader in sales and distribution of tool machines in Spain.

Elkor Maquinaria

Elkor started their activity in 1980 with the help of professionals that possessed a broad experience on the market of machinery and tools for wood processing and related industries.


JSV has been living alongside change and adjustment for the past 15 years. That is to say, alongside constant challenges of technological progress. In order to stabilize your business all you need to do is be more flexible than your competitors and ensure maximum effectiveness. That is why good decisions made today can be your strong point tomorrow.


Indefunsa, leader in the field of manufacturing foundry wedges equipment offers you all its knowledge and experience gathered after having sold over 800 machines worldwide.


Mapner is committed to its future. It is one of the most qualified manufacturers and their broad program of manufacturing provides a wide range of applications in the most diverse sectors of activity.


Producers Association that offers a wide range of typical and representative products from Euskal Herria.


Eurofit is the automotive partner recognized for reliable and innovative Tire Wheel Assembly solutions.


Enlog, s.a. is a company from Zaragoza that has been working since 1992 mounting tires and wheels on cars, trucks and generally on all sorts of vehicles.


GAIA is the Association of Electronic and Information Technologies in the Basque Country, a private and professional non-profit organization, established in 1983, currently made up of over 200 companies that offer products and services in the field of electronics, information technology and telecommunications.

Loreak Mendian

Loreak Mendian is a company that designs, makes and sells clothes and accessories. Since it was established in 1995, the company never stopped growing and today we can find their shops in the Basque Country, A Coruña, Majadahonda, Gijón but also in Australia, Lyon and Paris.

Grupo Ikor

The IKOR GROUP offers integrated electronic design and manufacturing services to the industry.

Truck & Wheel

Company specialized in the management of transport and innovative logistics activities. A fleet of over 450 vehicles and 90,000 m2 of warehouses distributed between France, Spain and Portugal can offer logistics services in which advanced information and communication technologies are the key and distinguishing feature.


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