ARTECHE has more than 60 years of experience of offering solutions to its customers in the electrical sector, generation, transmission, distribution and industry.

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It is an experience that has led it to become an unavoidable reference brand at an international level with a comprehensive range of products and solutions. ARTECHE’s equipment is operating in over 130 countries, 13 companies across Europe, America and Asia. Services are provided by over 80 technical and commercial services. With Igarle’s help, Arteche installed in its medium-voltage warehouse, an SGA based on WIFI radiofrequency, integrated with its ERP SAP and dashboards designed with QlikView in order to analyze its performance.

WI-FI Warehouses. Year of implementation, 2009

80% Improvement

In just three months, the warehouse has been reorganized and computerized, the location of the material in all its phases is perfect and exact, the stock tallies perfectly, the inventories are carried out in barely a few hours and are continuous and the activity does not have to be interrupted in order to do so, or have to wait until the last day of the year which means that there are no more arguments over who has to stay at work over Christmas in order to do the inventory. It has been integrated into the current ERP, and the flow of information is complete and synchronized, thereby avoiding all the paperwork and work involved in going over the information once and again. The operatives are delighted with the use of PDAs, immediately becoming familiar with them and aware of the need for them and the value they contribute. Now paper is no longer used, there are no misunderstandings and no goods are sent by mistake or are badly packaged. We believe we have achieved an improvement of 80%, as to say 100% would be rather conceited; however the truth is that now we cannot take a step backwards. The improvement is truly incredible.

Business Analysis. Year of implementation, 2009-2010

50% Improvement

Following the success of the first phase, whose objective was to organize the existing chaos, we can undertake a second phase in order to optimize space and gain even greater speed. For this, Igarle, thanks to its experience and assessment, is developing a new automatic locations model to meet our needs. In addition, taking advantage of the fact that we are changing ERP, we can include its integration and the QlikView control panels in order to study performance with a significant graphic potential. The result: another success! We squeeze the most out of the available space which means that our warehouse, which we considered to be on the small side, was nothing of the sort and in fact has a lot of space available. Without the development and analysis of QlikView we would have been investing in the purchase of a new warehouse when, in reality, it was not necessary at all. This has served to demonstrate that the support provided by Igarle has not only provided a quick return on our investment but also a saving!
"Prior to the implementation of the SGA, there was chaos in the warehouse, an excessive bureaucratic workload, the tasks undertaken by the personnel were largely focused on taking note of and recording data using Excel and ERP."

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ARTECHE has more than 60 years of experience of offering solutions to its customers in the electrical sector, generation, transmission, distribution and industry.

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