SENASA Sociedad Envases Alimentarios S.A is a company that makes plastic packaging and that specializes in food packaging.

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SENA, S.A is a leader in its sector in Spain. Located in Aduna (Guipúzcoa), its long experience defines it as a pioneer company in the area of plastic food packaging in Spain. SENA, S.A is a medium size company and this fact positions it well between great capacity that characterizes large companies and the elasticity of the smaller ones. Their installations extend over 4.500 square meters, where 40 workers do their job. The company has 11 production lines using different technologies that let them have production capacity higher than 4.000 tons a month every year. SENA, S.A production covers more than 135 references in their catalogue to which one needs to add another 90 references specific to the industry. It allows SENA, S.A to satisfy the demands of small distributors as well as those of a multinational. Sociedad Envases Alimentarios S.A was established in 1984 as a branch of another company from the plastic manufacturing sector. That is how SENA, S.A began its activity as a small molding workshop, boosted by D. Fernando Collazo Soto. In 1989, it splits from the parent company and is formed by an experienced team with progressive aspirations. Three principles sum up SENA, S.A.’s strategic development plan:
  • Adapt the company’s mindset to the new challenges in Europe
  • Develop and research new markets
  • Integrate modern high tech production means
In 1989 their managers decide to start working with a material that was new in Europe but very much in use in the US and Japan: BOPS (Bi-axially oriented Polystyrene).

Business Analysis Year of implementation, 2008

150% Improvement

After years of using the application NUCLEO, we were in a time that we had real and reliable data of our sales and purchases. Due to our sales force over the whole Spanish geography, we saw the possibility of exploiting our potential. The Business Analysis tool implementation has given us the quick and efficient data consulting. The data have finally been translated into valuable information. We moved from consulting thousand of reports in thousand different ways to a single dynamic query. The savings have been invaluable, never before we got to make that many queries.

Wifi warehouses Year of implementation, 2005

50% Improvement

The demanding traceability rules imposed by Department of Health and requirements of our customers, leaded us to pose a real and thorough monitoring of our packaging traceability. We turned to Igarle for technology advice. Through the use of wireless technology that facilitates the registration of all movements in the warehouse (input from production, locations, expeditions), today is the day that absolutely guarantee traceability. All this happens without having the least increase of staff in our warehouse and having reduced administrative work because all delivery notes are made entirely in the warehouse.

On-line Shop Year of implementation, 2005

60% Improvement

From SENASA we realized that many of our largest customers were continuously making orders on commonly purchased items. It was at that moment when we considered the capture of sales orders via Web project. Since then, our customers can see through the WEB their usual articles and prices and place sales orders at any time of the year. The system automatically records the order on our application NUCLEO.
"We are pioneers in the food plastic packaging area. Over recent years we have been able to evolve, working with Igarle hand-in-hand, collaborating in the planning of new needs that have arisen. We have improved communication with our customers through our Web, we have been able to meet the standards of traceability without increasing our resources and, what is more, we have been able to reduce data operating times from our managers."

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