Loreak Mendian

Loreak Mendian is a company that designs, makes and sells clothes and accessories. Since it was established in 1995, the company never stopped growing and today we can find their shops in the Basque Country, A Coruña, Majadahonda, Gijón but also in Australia, Lyon and Paris.

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WI-FI Warehouses Year of implementation, 2004

30% Improvement

Now we are sure of our stock, we automatically control its quantity and location. At our central warehouse, all the entries and deliveries are managed by using Wi-Fi technology and the operative who is carrying out this duty simultaneously advises the system. There are no more errors in references, quantities, sizes and colours. The shops carry out continuous inventories by using portable terminals, achieving an immediate update of the centralized company information. The reduction in time to carry out tasks relating to the warehouses may be quantified at around 30%. It is a great saving and provides significant peace of mind.

WEB Year of implementation, 2006

50% Improvement

Every season there are new models, new references, payments, returns…. it’s chaos. Our telephones are almost on fire with calls from customers who want to obtain information on their transactions. Now this workload has been drastically reduced as movements can be checked via our web page. Our customers are able to access any query or document for inspection or claim (order, delivery note, invoices, etc.). Now, when they call, we devote time to solving the problem rather than locating it. Our efficiency in this area has increased by 50%.

Tiendas On-line Year of implementation, 2003

300% Improvement

Internet works, our delegations are connected in real time, the stocks available at each shop or warehouse can be reached from any point on our network. From the centre we can manage the sales and logistic movements from our points of sale in real time. If we had not decided to do it this way, our logistic costs would have increased by 300%.

PDA Venta Year of implementation, 2003

Incalculable Improvement

In our sector, the concentration of orders and the number of references ineach season is staggering. The time needed to load data and the number oferrors became costly. As soon as our designers launch their models, oursalespersons can carry out their orders from their portable terminals. Assoon as the order is entered, it is updated on the server and the productionprocess and delivery of the requested references starts immediately. Noerrors and zero processing time. An incalculable saving.
"Our entire organization works in an integrated manner, from the factory to the shops, where information is entered only once and every employee is able to consult the information they need in real time and using their own methods. The textile market requires a high level of flexibility. The computerization of all of our processes guarantees that we can offer this flexibility. In 6 months, we were able to establish a return on investment for each one of the 4 phases undertaken."

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