Our extensive experience gained over the course of the past 20 years warrants our knowledge of business rules in the sectors we focus on.

Igarle does not need to invest time to understand the key characteristics of its work because we have already walked that path before. This previous knowledge is of great help when it comes to carrying out developments within short deadlines. On the other hand, foreseeing possible scenarios serves to avoid errors or correct them more promptly. All these premises allow us to set projects up safely, quickly and comfortably which is followed by fast return on investment.

Internal and user experience

Internally, Igarle is a regular user of the tools Business Intelligence and ERP. Twenty year long experience on this kind of projects has expanded our knowledge of the tools and their implementation, in daily use inside the company and externally with our customers alike.

Teach by example

Every project has its own work methodology that is applied all throughout its development. Igarle shares project follow-up indicators and makes available the Customer Support Centre (CSC). The customer knows at all times what stage the project development is at and he can control and follow tasks as well as manage priorities according to his needs. Furthermore, our exclusive i-frameworQ methodology is a guarantee of standardization, allowing co-development with the client. It is a guarantee of solvency and investment sustainability.

Information Supply Chain

Igarle comes from the world of ERP with Nucleo and we know what kind of problems arise when it comes to multi sectorial management, needs, management, obtaining, integration and exploitation of data.

Information analysis tools help us understand our business more clearly and make the right decisions.

However, the key to making these tools operational lies in the information supply chain. Good analysis is not possible without good data. Data flow is complex and heterogeneous and making the systems communicate between themselves correctly is a continuous struggle. Igarle is expert in linking together and hybridizing all this data into dashboards in order to reach the best and the most accurate results.

We offer our clients the execution of their projects based on guaranteed quality goals

Efficiency: Obtaining required dashboards in due form and time at a more affordable price.

Sustainability Depersonalizing development tasks and engaging the most appropriate resources at all times.

Standardization: Establishing standardized project design and follow-up methodology lets you have a collaborative environment and a clear and concise follow-up at different stages of the project.

Return on investment: Improving information management and decision making, through cost containment.

Easy implementation and use: You get what you need and everyone within the organization who needs to can use the tool with ease.

Igarle has been working for over two decades in the field of data management and the optimization of its use for decision making in companies.

Specialization sectors

Food industry, Automotive, Commerce, Construction, Electronics, Energy, Industry, Public Body, Petrochemistry, Health, Services, Transport and logistics

Time Traveler

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Igarle’s specialties are ERP, Business Intelligence, Logistics and distribution, Healthcare, Supply Chains and Interoperability Management


Igarle has been granted certificates under ISO 20000 standards for IT services management and ISO 27000 for information safety management by the certifying body Aenor. In the field of Business Intelligence, Igarle has been awarded the Qlikview Partner Solution Provider certificate.


GipuzkoAPPs 2013. Winner in professional category with its business management APP GOZProSuite.

Primer Premio Empresa Digitala 2010 Fudike for its ERP Nucleo implementation.