Company specialized in the supply of steel material for the mechanical construction industry. It has a large, permanent stock of laminated steel and round forged steel, which has the most commercial qualities, as these are supplied in bars or cut to measure.

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They offer services of daily distribution of cut out material or material in rods, as well as the possibility to act as intermediary for factories in order to deliver special materials by following manufacture programs and by making “just in time” deliveries of cut out materials. Consulting and localization for materials with foreign standards is an important factor on a market that is each day more focused on the exterior and it is something that Ipargama offers as well.
Flexibility and capacity to adapt to the needs of our clients is what makes us different.
Based on the quality system, Ipargama guarantees traceability of all shipments with the materials received from the factory, delivering at all times quality certificates that adequately reflect the features of the material in accordance with its fabrication and control process. Making use of new information and data handling technologies, as well as cutting edge operational and cutting tools, Ipagrama has perfectly organized installations in order to process any order with maximum efficiency. Their metallographic laboratory lets them compare the received information with the quality of the material and thus commit to it. It should be mentioned that this project was awarded as the best in the Basque Country (VI Edition of the “Enpresa Digitala” award) in 2008. Our competitive advantages are focused on the availability of the material, the immediate delivery period, the full guarantee of traceability, the cutting service and very competitive costs. All this has been possible thanks to our wholehearted support to intensively use information technology in all our processes, which has been implemented over 4 successive phases.

Implementation of the ERP Nucleo Year of implementation, 2006

40% Improvement

A sound and coherent proposal brought about the first implementation of the ERP, adapted to the peculiarities of our business that would provide the basis for future developments. The existence of offers and special price agreements, by kilo and unit, the full traceability of the product from the supplier’s certification, connectivity to the weighing machines and the cutting service formed the basic objectives of this first stage. The automation of these processes together with the complete integration of all the administrators has created a saving in administrative costs of around 40%.

WI-FI Warehouses Year of implementation, 2006

30% Improvement

We no longer have to waste time in sending order to the operatives in charges of cutting and preparing the materials. We no longer move papers from the office to the workshop. There are no more mistakes in the transcription of information or in the identification of materials. The use of portable terminals in the workshop, using Wi-Fi technology and bar codes, has allowed us to act immediately on reception and location, preparation of orders, identification of the materials, weighing and the return of bars and cutting. The administrative time engaged in these processes has been reduced by 100% and we can quantify the overall improvement in the process at around 30%.

WEB Year of implementation, 2007

50% Improvement

Ipargama Web represents a revolution in our sector. Without a doubt it is an outstanding element that creates a clear competitive advantage. The time we used to spend on checking the availability of materials, following up requests from our customers and the preparation of offers in accordance with their conditions is now done automatically by means of our WEB page. Obtaining offers, checking availability, the possibility of purchasing “points”, carrying out the order and viewing delivery notes, invoices and traceability certificates have improved our efficiency by achieving savings of 50% in the time spent on these activities.

Business Analysis Year of implementation, 2009

80% Improvement

And once we were already sure of being able to rely on precise and quality information, we took the step to implement powerful applications for analysing information. Applications designed to analyse sales, warehouse and purchasing information that allow us to adjust our purchasing forecasts and optimize our stock, without risking our commitments to the customers. The managerial team was able to take safe and sensible decisions, spending 20% of the time that they used to on these tasks.
"Our frameworks that focus on sales analysis, warehouse and purchase help us adjust our purchase forecasts, optimizing our stocks, without risking our commitment to our clients. The management team makes their decisions confidently, dedicating to it 20% of the time they used to before."

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