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Company specialized in the management of transport and innovative logistics activities. A fleet of over 450 vehicles and 90,000 m2 of warehouses distributed between France, Spain and Portugal can offer logistics services in which advanced information and communication technologies are the key and distinguishing feature.

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In Truck & Wheel they are committed to values such as I+D, integration into the social environment and competitive quality which has allowed them to keep growing until they became a point of reference in the logistics and transport sector. In order to maintain a high level of quality, they constantly invest in facilities, fleet renewal, training courses and new technologies. TW carries out extremely technically complex logistics activities for different customers in the most varied and demanding sectors, such as car industry, large public consumption, metalworking…services such as physical and digital reception of goods, stock control, daily sending of reports on movements to the clients, online stock check-up, packaging management… In order to meet all these demands, TW has a project department that bases its activity on research and implementation of new technologies, achieving advanced traceability systems for their products, zero errors in production chain supply, stock reliability, removing paperwork in warehouses and above all great ease to adjust to the needs of every customer. In order to adapt to the growing needs of their customers, they spotted the need to implement new systems and technologies that allowed for great improvements in procedures using new ITs such as TW’s differential factor.

WIFI Warehouses

Raising the Game

One of our greatest obsessions was to become our customer’s warehouse, receiving, manipulating and issuing its products with accuracy and traceability. We could not make mistakes and in addition we had to do so that our customers save costs compared to do it itself. There was only one way to do this, using technologies to perform all warehouse management. The identification of goods and locations using barcodes and RFID, guarantees us the effective and efficient stock management, optimizing resources and space and with no errors. Thanks to SGA WIFI technology we can manage goods on our own warehouse or on the customer’s, integrating us with its management systems or providing them also. An innovative approach for an upcoming change in the model of mediation. A value increase in classic services transport.

WEB and telephone

40% Time

The perfect complement to improve the efficiency of the two previous advances. The customer can check on our Web site their loads and stocks status, providing total traceability of their products. It can also take delivery orders for its products, and of course has a EDI, XML and UBL complete integration. In order to complete the solution we implemented the integration with our organization telephone system. The call identifies the customer, automatically opening the loading worksheet, the complaint or the form that is required. The SMS and e-mails integration with the system and the possibility to call any contact from the display rounds out the solution. We saved 40% of the time we spent on these tasks before.

PDA logistics distribution

90% improvement

This is perhaps one of the strongest, differentiating bet and the one that has created more added value for our organization. Zero mistakes and zero work papers on distribution and delivery work. The use of mobile terminals, bar codes, the GPRS network and integration through web services allows us to offer our customers distribution and delivery service , door to door, with no administrative person involved in the process. From customer system to the customer system. Information flows, is recorded and activated only with the delivery action. Undoubtedly, this solution availability allows us to have 90% savings in administrative time spent on this activity.
"Our commitment to ICT’s is absolute. The potential that information and communication technologies provide to transport and logistics sector is unprecedented. Communications and devices mobility open a future of unimaginable potential for a sector that is mobile itself. It is difficult to speak of distinct phases because our innovation in technology is constant and designed to meet the needs of our customers. That is why we highlight the most significant developments and achievements tackled with Igarle's help.
It was our first bet on ICT’s. An application without which our work would not be possible. Automating the process of loading orders, allocation, communication and returns use, GPS location, automated invoicing and settlements, and cost-effectiveness analysis with multiple approaches consolidated us in the transport sector. This first bet, with a robust and powerful application, has allowed us to consolidate this activity and has provided an opportunity to diversify into greater specialization logistics activities."

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