The most obvious warranty of our methodologies’ solvency are our results. The key lies in the ability to allow greater flexibility in the selection and application of the chosen methodologies to the peculiarity of each organization which makes it unique. We adapt the methodologies to the problem; we do not turn it into a “problem” as we look for solutions. That is why our methodologies are innovative and unique giving brilliant results when it comes to coverage scope, time of execution and sustainability of what has been implemented.

Time Traveler

Igarle’s Keys


We bring your past closer. We make the best use of your present. We look ahead to your future


1/ Agile Task Chain

The Agile Task platform, developed by using .NET technology is essentially aimed at collaborative environments in order to enable carrying out tasks related to the requirements definition, planning, management, follow-up and analysis of the company’s projects and tasks. It tries to do it efficiently in order to obtain maximum effectiveness and efficiency on the said projects and tasks. Although its structure is based on principles of agile methodologies, it does not adhere strictly to any one of them. Being a native collaborative environment, said platform will offer solutions to companies that need to manage projects with their own resources or with those shared with other organizations, partners, collaborators and their own final customers.

 2/ I-frameworQ

A common development methodology with its own structure and protocols that avoids depending on people through standardization and documentation. It offers huge advantages such as shorter development times and quality, ease to integrate other developments and other developers, share development with other companies and thus guarantee proactive maintenance in applications.

3/ Consultancy

Deployment projects for business software solutions are not technological projects. They are human projects where people on both teams share experiences and expectations towards a shared goal. A joint team with two leaderships that achieves satisfaction thanks to a clear definition of expectations and a gradual achievement of goals in compliance with the specific features of each company. We apply the principle of minimal change with maximum improvement, by planning and measuring each step to take. Another distinguishing element is that all our consultants are from the “other side”. They used to be users customers of our solutions. This peculiarity along with their vast experience and specialization enables us to offer services where leadership on the project is unique through providing services on both sides. (autoritas&potestas).

4/ Push&Pull (parametrized and versioned)

A parametric approach to the developments allows us to meet distant requirements under the same application. This design, constant in our solutions, guarantees flexibility and efficiency in our entire customers’ base. Another key aspect to business software applications is the need to update their versions automatically with minimum use of resource. To this compulsory requirement, Igarle adds the possibility to carry it out in Push/Pull mode and in an unassisted way.