The Time Traveler always found the best ways. Routes he chose during his trips throughout the Universe took him to the right places in the right moment, whether it was the past, the present or the future.

Other travelers were there too, but none were able to return in exact time. They roamed around the place, dimension and era.

When the Traveler was ahead of his time, he was able to find solutions in the future for his people´s problems. He detected errors and upon his return, he told his people what would happen if they took one decision or the other.

His experience made him a wise man. His travels around different Universes opened up his mind. He was almost a clairvoyant, and yet everything was a fruit of his knowledge.

He was a born searcher. He’d find lost time and return it to its owner. And if anyone needed new time, the Traveler provided it for them so that they might do whatever they really wanted to do.

He was the tireless traveler, the one who knew all the paths and all the eras.