Since 2009, Igarle has made continuous effort to improve quality of its service and safety of information, bringing thus value to its customers.


Following an intense and painstaking work in 2009 fiscal year and with the help of the Nextel consulting company, Igarle was granted certificates under the ISO 20000 and ISO 27000 standards by the certifying body Aenor.

The ISO 20000 certificate let Igarle S.L implement an IT services management system, passing priority from the standards to the customer and his satisfaction. That is why certain changes as well as different procedures have been introduced into its Customer Support Center (CAU) management.

Just as with the ISO 27000 certificate, we implemented an information safety management system that analyzes risks which affect the safety of information contained on our servers, minimizing them and controlling them in a defined systematic way that is constantly revised and enhanced.

ISO 20000

It is crucial that a company provides efficiently its IT services. Sometimes we get the impression that the services are not in line with the company’s needs. A way to ensure this is to implement a service management system which guarantees that offered services comply with the best practices.


  1. It allows you to select, manage and provide a more effective IT service.
  2. It offers opportunities to improve service efficiency, reliability and consistence and control them in a way that affects positively and directly its costs and quality.
  3. Ensures fair management of quality of the provided IT service.
  4. Maximizes the quality and efficiency of the IT service
  5. Reduces IT services related risks
  6. Increases customer’s satisfaction
  7. Gives a clear vision of the IT departments’ ability
  8. Minimizes incidence and change cycle time and improves results based on metrics
  9. Allows decision making based on business indicators and IT.

ISO 27000

Information is a vital asset for any business whose survival depends largely on its management and safety.

For the right management of said information it is essential to introduce a system that will bring methodology to the said task in a documented manner, based on some fundamental safety and risk evaluation principles.

ISO 27000 is a set of standards that offer a framework for information safety management based on a set of good practices and a series of requirements to be met in order to qualify for certification.


  1. Establishing a clear and structured safety management methodology. Reducing risks of information loss, theft or corruption.
  2. Accessing information through safety measures.
  3. Continuously revising risks.
  4. Guaranteeing customers and strategic partners’ trust.
  5. External audits help in a cyclic way to identify weaknesses in the system and areas to be improved.
    • Continuity in necessary business operations after serious incidents.
    • Compliance with the legislation in force on personal data, property and other.
    • Company image at an international level and the distinguishing factor from the competing companies.
    • Trust and clear rules for company’s staff.
    • Reduction of costs and improvement of procedures and service.
    • Motivation increase and staff’s satisfaction.
    • Increase in safety based on procedure management instead of on systematic purchase of products and technologies.

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