IGARLE’s activity is focused on consulting, development, implementation and creation of software solutions for business, production and logistics management. IGARLE creates solutions that we implement ourselves and offers complete service for each of our developments.


IGARLE was founded in 1994, which is why among our clients there is a great number of those who have been using our integrated application for business management (ERP) for a long period of time. This is due to the fact that the beginnings of our activity as software developers for businesses and industry date back to the 1980 when operating systems and computers that were in use had nothing to do with those we use today.

From the very beginning of its activity, all projects and developments undertaken in IGARLE moved forward hand in hand with technological advances and new trends in software and platform development, having adapted available knowledge, resources and solutions to the needs on the market at any moment. The extent experience acquired over the years is, without any doubt, one of the key points for this company’s success.

Time Traveler

Igarle’s Keys


We bring your past closer. We make the best use of your present. We look ahead to your future


We have witnessed many changes in the world and the technology, but hardly any in people.

We, human beings, have certain innate attitudes towards interaction with external factors. Changes in technology and improvements in work procedures appeal to us but at the same time they frighten us. As we are aware of this, we pamper human resources in implementation procedures. We are mentally, organizationally and technologically prepared to work as “psychologists of change”.

It is our nature as humans to be reluctant to change. All change can be a source of insecurity and fears. The implementation of new technologies in information and communication (TIC) force businesses to change their methodologies, procedures, functions and organization.

Human factor, trust, credibility, patience, struggle and joint dedication towards a shared goal are values that describe best our staff. And all this is because we are strongly motivated to work with motivated people. It is possible to achieve success together only if people are motivated enough to accept change so that this success becomes our greatest joy and shared motivation.


Our primary goal isn’t to implement technology, or to change procedures, not even to motivate people and make them happy. These factors are merely a means, instruments we use to achieve our primary goal: make savings in businesses. Implement solutions, adapted to each company’s characteristics that guarantee clear, fast and provable returns on investment. We constantly strive to find out where your lost savings are.

Igarle wants to perform their job as a “soothsayer”, the “clairvoyant” like never before to help you recover your “lost savings”. We need to see the future in order to foresee certain circumstances. We want to offer you this perspective of how things should be. IGARLE has got the tools, which like maps do, guarantee that you find the future and hidden treasures among your company’s routines and fears. It has got the tools, but it has also got knowledge and the experience after having tested its performance in other companies similar to yours.

In IGARLE we are committed to finding those treasures. All you need to do is ask for them.


Find savings in an age when people spend their time doing their job, enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency.


Find savings within our interactions with external agents (customers, providers, representatives…), automating circuits and avoiding errors.


Find savings in people and merchandise movement, by automating data capturing, cancelling out duplicity and simplifying decisions.


Find savings in executives’ decision making processes, by allowing exploitation and analysis of information with minimum use of time both your own and your team’s.

In the end, we could summarize aforementioned ideas in a single sentence which sums up our goal and our company’s mission. “We use TICs to make people get excited over saving money for their businesses.” If your Business saves money, we all win.


1994/ Establishment

From the very moment it was established in 1994, IGARLE has been developing its ERP Núcleo solution, with multi-sectorial features but with a clear specialization in the field of industry. This activity stands firm and remains one of the main sources of stability in the Company.

2000/Relocation, communications and mobility

In year 2000, three factors come together to inspire strategic thinking with profitable consequences for IGARLE’S future: beginning of industrial companies’ relocation, emergence of mobile devices (essentially telephones) and increase in speed of wireless communication with the third generation and WIFI.

Relocation, communications and mobility are the three elements that lead us to place a strong bet on software development in the field of logistics. Wireless management of warehouses and software for distribution and the last mile with communication in real time today are a part of our second business line.

2005/ Business Intelligence

In 2005, the model has settled down and as part of a new strategic thinking IGARLE decides to launch one more business line. We know that both in the world of ERP and logistics, companies gather large quantities of quality information, but analyzing the difficulty of integrated and flexible access is a common weakness. Igarle decides to launch the development of software solutions for business dashboards. Based on Business Intelligence strategies, dashboards and indicators become one of our company’s missions. The “bubbling” of the world when it comes to the emergence of huge quantities of data of multiple origins and heterogeneous contents calls for an integration strategy (Business Discovery) and consolidates this powerful third in a row business line in IGARLE.

2009/ Interoperability

In 2009, aware of the importance that trustworthy information exchange has for information quality in companies, Igarle designs and places a firm bet on interoperability.

Strongly believing in it and along with competing companies, Igarle starts its own developments meant to integrate digital documents between organizations with heterogeneous systems. The strategy is clear and shared, it is about developing software solutions that allow you to integrate a variety of documents, formats and protocols, existing and future, through joint effort and I&D.

Currently/ Looking for new milestones

Restlessness that characterizes Igarle took us to explore new roads. We observe the world and new opportunities on the market to launch new products and enter further into the use of new technologies.

Time Traveler

Igarle’s Keys


We bring your past closer. We make the best use of your present. We look ahead to your future