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The IKOR GROUP offers integrated electronic design and manufacturing services to the industry.

  • Sector: Electronics
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  • Fuente de datos: VFP - Nucleo
Since 1981, the IKOR GROUP has offered integral electronic design and manufacturing services for industry, attending to the client as a technological partner from project development to serial manufacturing. The IKOR GROUP has production plants in San Sebastián (Spain), Guadalajara (Mexico) and Suzhou (Shanghai, China). Inclusion of technology provided by Igarle has been fundamental in our evolution. To begin, we needed an ERP that could integrate data from the different branches. We also had the added difficulty of languages. The fact of Nucleo.Net being multiple language and multi-company has enormously facilitated our internationalisation.

Nucleo ERP implementation. Year implemented: 1997

Improvement: 90%

We use the Nucleo ERP system to manage all the on-line information from a server located at the head offices. All the departments work with the sole data philosophy, from procurement to sales, technical office and production, through warehouse and onward to the financial department, the information flowing without the need to re-input and without errors. Integration and automation of the processes between Companies, plant assignment, functionality and user language guarantee the security and quality of the information. Multiple parameter setting by Company and user guarantee use of a sole application for all approaches, allowing costless, automated version updating.

Manufacturing / subcontracting

1999. Improvement: 70%

The complex definition of structures and routes that characterises the electronic sector (compatible, universal and alternative components) is perfectly resolved through the Nucleo application. Modification management and product reviews, production planning, batch management and traceability, on-line quality controls and precise cost management allow Ikor to be present on a highly competitive market. Launching and managing subcontracted operations is recorded directly by WEB from the subcontracted companies, including progress and quality controls.

Capture at plant

2001. Improvement: 50%

At the plant, each operative records the hours spent on the manufacturing orders. It is sometimes the same machine service that sends the information on the hours spent on that order directly to the Nucleo.

SGA + Logistics. Year implemented: 2004

Improvement: 70%

The warehouse is managed by WIFI. From Nucleo, we manage location of the procurement entries and movement of that material within the warehouse, using PDAs and bar codes, assigning the movements to the manufacturing orders. All this, along with integration with the automatic warehouse, have made us optimise the space and reduce times a lot. Moreover, ongoing quality control in the process and capture of on-line data assure traceability of the product.

SAT PDA. 2010

Improvement: 100%

We use the Technical Assistance Service module to keep the record of equipment maintenance, defects, etc. Ikor Metering is a company that is part of the IKOR GROUP, founded to provide innovative solutions in remote reading of water and gas meters. When the operatives go to a client to provide an assistance service, they use the PDAs to record the hours spent and the materials installed.

Mail cycles. 2001

Improvement: 60%

The Nucleo is used to send and receive offers and orders automatically, without having to re-write, enormously reducing the time spent on that administrative tasks and without errors.

Internet Web. 2001

Improvement: 60%

Our Internet web allows our clients to request prices and estimates (B2B) and our providers input offers, directly updating their prices and references (MarketPlace). These reach Ikor directly. Forecasts and review of sales and procurement delivery deadlines is managed directly between the external agents through the WEB, recalculating these on the basis of availabilities of materials and production workloads.

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