Aldanondo Corporación Alimentaria

Aldanondo Corporación Alimentaria has been in the world of cheeses for over 50 years.

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Aldanondo Corporación Alimentaria has more than 50 years of experience in the world of cheeses. The company began by distributing the production from small farming operations, later specialising in preparing the main Denominations of Origin from the Cantabrian coast. Now, and thanks to the major investments made in acquiring the most sophisticated industrial machinery, Aldanondo Corporación Alimentaria has become an benchmark international company on the pressed paste cheese market. Due to the opening of new plants and the high number of automated systems involved in cheese manufacturing, we found it necessary to use the Core ERP as a centre of operations to work in an integrated manner. In recent years, we have made a major investment in technological innovation as well as in WIFI warehouses, RFID identification, GNE document exchange, telephone integration and QlikView to analyse the information. All this has given rise to us now being able to guarantee food traceability and quality in all the processes of our chain of supply.

Sales ERP and PDA. Year implemented: 2009

Improvement: 100%

At Aldanondo C. A., we perform automated Procurement management linked to the Production, according to the needs generated by the manufacturing schedules. Procurement and Sales management is carried out using exhaustive traceability of the main components used to manufacture the cheese, all of which is based on a batch system. Input management is linked to the laboratory analyses, also integrated in the Core, as well as truck weighing management. Moreover, the sales staff use mobile GPRS terminals for pre-sale, auto-sale, distribution and delivery tasks, which has provided improvement, evident error reduction and time savings.

Warehouse WIFI. Year implemented: 2009

Improvement: incalculable

Warehouse and dispatch management is carried out through mobile devices and WIFI technology. Thanks to this, the warehouse only accepts pallets with tags that have previously passed through the previous processes. Likewise, the Core is the centre of operations as to articles, characteristics, rotations, so this warehouse previously receives Core information. In addition to this, the automatic Warehouse informs the Core of the main movements it performs, the inventories and batches in existence being known in the ERP.

BI – Business Intelligence. Year implemented: 2011

Improvement: incalculable

Thanks to the advances mentioned up to present, we had gathered a great deal of information available and decided to take advantage of that real data by creating powerful traceability control and monitoring tables. Analysis of these control tables with minimum time consumption has enormously expedited decision making by managers of the different areas.

Production. Year implemented: 2009/10

Improvement: incalculable

Our Production system is comprised of different processes, each one automated by independent systems. Core provides the links to each one of these: milk processing, cream plant, cheese making vats, whey processing, thermal processing, cheese making process, salting process, airing process, surface treatment, smoking and automatic packaging. These systems receive and share information with the Core through web services. That provides great savings and an incalculable improvement. In addition to controlling the milk quota and food quality (APPCC), inclusion of RFID technologies to identify product has been a key to guaranteeing the traceability of the product.

GNE – Gaia Net Exchange. Year implemented: 2011

Improvement: incalculable

One of the last proposals was Gaia Net Exchange, a system for electronic document exchange with our clients and providers, through which we may exchange orders, delivery slips, invoices and bank statements without the need for printing, without re-inputting data, without wasting time and without errors, from one ERP to another at Internet speed.  

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