Qlik Sense

Reconceptualization in data display

What is Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense is a tool for information analysis that allows you to make decisions based on data analysis of your ERP, your multiple Excel files or even web pages and social networks. Qlik Sense connects to everything so that all that you have to do is dedicate your time to analyze and make decisions.

Qlik Sense represents a major improvement in terms of usability and usage of intelligent business platforms given that through their reconceptualization of data viewing, we can access information more intuitively while discovering new trends more rapidly and more efficiently. One of its greatest virtues is the easy creation of customized data, reports and dashboard viewing. Qlik Sense enables anyone to create easily flexible, interactive views which boost exploration and discovery through intuition.

Any user at any level can shape his knowledge with Qlik Sense, since it is not necessary to elaborate scripts or complex codes.

  • The drag and drop technique lets us obtain appealing views
  • We can share and reuse data, metrics and objects.
  • Progressive creation helps make display creation as simple or as sophisticated as we wish.

And once you need to present the information to your collaborators, it allows you to broaden the shared knowledge thanks to data narratives and mobility and promote data accuracy and reliability through its corporate governance capabilities, which convert it into a true first class product.

“Drag & Drop” view to reveal hidden knowledge

Qlik Sense offers intelligent displays, which reveal all existing relations between different dimensions of data. These relations reveal us knowledge which, otherwise, would remain hidden in traditional data models based on inquiries and hierarchy. For example: if you start from the highest level of pooling in a traditional BI model you can reach the details, while in Qlik Sense, you can use the traditional level, proceed in reverse order or discover unimagined interaction without having to rebuild the whole dashboard for that purpose.

Smart Search is the ultimate thing in flexibility

You don’t know where to start searching? All you have to do is enter any text in the search field and Smart Search will connect the spots. You will discover relations between places where you wouldn’t have even imagined looking, giving you ideas along the road.

Exploring multiple sources of data in a single app

Qlik Sense can connect multiple sources of data without affecting its performance. It is capable of including data entries in real time in order to furnish more exhaustive views. For example: Currency exchange hasn’t been updated on your ERP? No problem! Qlik Sense connects to any web and converts your currencies at the daily rate of the day your invoice was created.

Anywhere, any time, on any device

Problems and needs can emerge at any time and in any place. On many occasions we need to connect from different devices: from desktop to tablet and from tablet to telephone. Qlik Sense adapts automatically to the devices we are using without losing its features. Wherever you are working, you will get a response in real time. And if you use Apple devices, no worries, Qlik Sense will work just as well on your devices without you having to acquire additional licenses or software.

Great visual richness in data narratives for collaboration and knowledge sharing

Qlik Sense offers a data narrative feature which lets you share analysis in a very visual way. Letting the team get to know the discoveries is simpler and a great help when it comes to working together more efficiently.

Good data governance and simplicity of self-service

Anyone can create displays, but not anyone can guarantee that the reflected data and libraries are good and safe. Combining QlikView and Qlik Sense guarantees us good data governance and the chance for every user to carry out reliable analysis.

Qlik Sense versions

Qlik Sense Desktop features

  • Qlik Sense Standalone Windows version
  • Includes all user’s experience, exploration, viewing, drag&drop, development and narrative capacities
  • Allows development and the use of analytics apps
  • Apps can be kept as local files or shared and opened by other users
  • Offers exportation to Qlik Sense Cloud to be used by a small group of subscribers and invited users.
  • Free download, with no limited number of applications to be created and with no restrictions on shared documents.

Qlik Sense (Server edition) features

  • Complete version of Qlik Sense, prerequisite for working on the server and Cloud.
  • All experience, exploration capacities, data viewing, drag&drop collaboration, narrative and mobility in a single customer based on the browser
  • New experience “best in class” for the developer, which permits him create simpler applications in Sense and more complex tailored ones with the QIX engine.
  • A structured set of capacities company style (management, safety, scalability, data integration and governance)


  • Food industry
  • Automotive
  • Commerce
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Industry
  • Public Body
  • Petrochemistry
  • Health
  • Services
  • Transport and logistics

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IDOM is one of the leading companies on the Spanish market in the field of professional engineering, architecture and consulting services and right now it is making steps in the right direction to expand said leadership to an international level.

Sestao Berri 2010

Sestao Berri 2010 S.A was established as a management instrument for urban and social revitalization processes in the areas of TXABARRI, URBINAGA, SIMONDROGAS, RIVAS and LOS BAÑOS in Sestao as well as for another series of commitments between said institutions.


Transport Company for commercial and industrial packaging that is present in Spain, Andorra and Portugal and belongs to the Group Logista.


Eurofit is the automotive partner recognized for reliable and innovative Tire Wheel Assembly solutions.


Enlog, s.a. is a company from Zaragoza that has been working since 1992 mounting tires and wheels on cars, trucks and generally on all sorts of vehicles.

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Founded in 2001, Salto Systems is today an internationally renowned company that has an installed base of 600.000 doors equipped with their access control systems in over 60 countries worldwide.


GAIA is the Association of Electronic and Information Technologies in the Basque Country, a private and professional non-profit organization, established in 1983, currently made up of over 200 companies that offer products and services in the field of electronics, information technology and telecommunications.

Loreak Mendian

Loreak Mendian is a company that designs, makes and sells clothes and accessories. Since it was established in 1995, the company never stopped growing and today we can find their shops in the Basque Country, A Coruña, Majadahonda, Gijón but also in Australia, Lyon and Paris.

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A multinational business, leader in the sector of merchandise road transport and auxiliary logistical activities.

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FCC Logística

FCC Logística offers multiple services across the Iberian Peninsula to supply chains, both at room and controlled temperature.

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