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What is SGA?

It is common in companies to give a more prominent role to other areas such as sales or finance while leaving aside the control of where their products are, how many they have, how many are missing, what their expiry dates are and hundreds of other questions. SGA consists of a logistics delivery and warehouse management module that includes customer, server and mobility solutions. Along with Bussines Inteligence, you can govern visually, quickly and intuitively the information registered in the warehouse management module.

Your business does “more”, our software helps it do “no more”

No more Christmas spent making inventories

Continuous inventory lets you make incremental or differential inventories in a matter of minutes during lower load times in your warehouse. To this, you can add reports issued on a daily basis by the BI tool which let you know which articles are most imbalanced in the stock, which ones are regularized most frequently or for example which have had the highest rotation. At the end of the year, your employees will no longer have to make long and tedious inventories, which are usually made grudgingly, they are inaccurate and two weeks afterwards your stock still remains imbalanced.

No more walks around the warehouse

With the huge potential offered by the SGA, you will no longer have workers wandering around the warehouse looking for an empty spot to put down the merchandize, because SGA not only lets you know where those free or partially occupied spots are, but it also tells you where the spot that is the closest to the article you wish to place is. Organize your warehouse by family groups or opt for a chaotic warehouse which is not really chaotic at all.

No more paperwork. No more triple processing of the same information

Remember when you had to take a receipt, make a copy and manually write down what has and has not arrived, leave a copy in the warehouse, another one in the purchase department and give another one to invoicing being certain all the while that one of those would get lost on the way…Those days are over! With SGA, data is stored and generated there where it is created and the rest of the business cycle inherits it without anyone having to process three times the same information.  

No more areas of knowledge

Where is Paul’s little notebook where he jealously keeps the information on where everything is kept that no one can touch or make out the handwriting in it? Well, it still is locked up in his drawer. But, with SGA you will no longer have to look for it or depend on Paul’s jealously kept knowledge. All information is registered and made available for everyone; it is user-friendly and has a very short learning curve, which lets newly hired people in your warehouse become extremely productive in just a couple of hours.

No more errors. Proactive safety

Does your staff make mistakes? That’s ok, we all do sometimes and the worst ones are those that are never discovered. SGA owns lock and control systems that let the user know when he is about to make an error. It warns him before the error is made. At another safety level, it is possible to be stricter when it comes to conditions defined by the SGA and totally avoid actions defined as incorrect. Finally, the BI tool associated with SGA helps you debug errors that were foreseen in the beginning, find solutions for them and avoid their repetition.

No more complaints

You sent goods whose date has expired or will expire within the next few months? You sent the wrong goods? You sent more than was ordered by the customer and then you charged them less? The customer sent a complaint about an article that he did not receive and you cannot prove the opposite? Hundreds of questions affecting your business that can be solved and prevented by SGA

Main features

MODULATED SGA can be acquired in modules, it is not necessary to acquire all of its features.

SCALABLE As your needs keep growing, you can add new modules and features.

CUSTOMIZABLE We know that there are things that make your business different from others. If you have a particular need that we do not cover, we shall design the solution together with you and integrate it in SGA.

CONNECTABLE SGA can exchange information both ways with any ERP on the market and integrate into electronic scales or robotized warehouses. If you have a connection protocol, we will connect to anything.

UPGRADABLE Times change, our software evolves and new optimized versions are created to which new features are added. When this happens, you will not have to “stop the machinery” and consider migrating from the entire program at a very high cost. Our upgrades take exactly 4 minutes.

PORTABLE Take total control over your warehouse from your tablet or smartphone, wherever you are thanks to SGA BI tool.

RELIABLE You can count on the support of a leading business with over 20 years of experience in the ICT sector whose software is present on five continents.

Detailed features


  • Multi company
  • Multi warehouse
  • Multi location
  • Picking
  • Cold
  • Location map
  • Location block
  • Location capacity
  • Automatic location assignment
  • Chaotic warehouse
  • Movements between locations
  • Movements between warehouses
  • Continuous inventory
  • Inventory on demand
  • General inventory
  • Relocation
  • Technical features of the location


  • Masters
  • Stocks
  • Groups
  • Stock reserves
  • Stock availability
  • Product consignment
  • Blocks
  • History
  • Movements
  • Batches
  • Traceability
  • Expiry control
  • Batch block
  • Batch and article technical features


  • Performance
  • Load
  • Moved packages
  • Working and waiting hours
  • Presence control


  • Load assignment by routes
  • Unloading at customer
  • Lorry tracking
  • Alarms
  • Inverse logistics
  • Goods in transit


  • Both-ways connection to any ERP
  • Data import/export to Excel
  • Connection to scale
  • Connection to robots and warehouses

And when do I get to recover the costs of all this?

Implementation period for an SGA project is extremely short; within some four to six months it is fully operational and functioning in your company. The fact that it is modular lets you approach it not as a macro project but as small projects which, as they gain strength open doors to other modules.
Saving time, controlling errors, avoiding information duplicity and other SGA features guarantee you a fast return on the investment you made.


If you don’t know how to do it, we do. If you have a warehouse and believe that it could improve or if you have a problem and you don’t know how to address it, Igarle offers you logistics consulting services to answer your questions and solve your problems.


  • Food industry
  • Automotive
  • Commerce
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Industry
  • Public Body
  • Petrochemistry
  • Health
  • Services
  • Transport and logistics

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