Tourism Net Exchange: Interoperability for tourist services

International project for technological cooperation between Spain and Peru, led by Igarle with invaluable participation of Magia Digital and Fractal in Peru.

The goal of the ongoing project, deemed to end in 2016, is to improve productivity and competitiveness of small and medium businesses, by introducing into their management systems electronic document exchange gateways which allow them to work by electronic means with their customers and providers and subsequently obtain key indicators enabling entrepreneurs to make decisions concerning their businesses. The development of a connectivity platform lets them adapt their data structures to a common message and interpret said messages in order to introduce them in their data structures, creating thus compatibility between different management systems. Focused mainly on tourism, the project generates value at a multi sectorial level (Food industry, Catering, Transport, Leisure and Culture…), integrating all relevant agents within the chain and enabling trade relations between them. These are defined on three levels: Industry/business and user/tourist.