Business Intelligence in NGOs

Non-governmental Organisations have and generate an enormous amount of information. But many of them still don’t have the necessary tools to analyse and use that information for making the right decisions.

From Igarle’s experience with that kind of organisations, we have seen how business intelligence helps, in the first place and enormously importantly, with the management and strategic planning of this non-profit sector, but that’s not all.

For example, Business Intelligence well applied could mean improvements in both financial management and budget optimisation; support for human resources management, bearing in mind the different locations and actions; an enormous help in harnessing funds; a clear and quantitative way to measure the efficacy of marketing and communication campaigns and monitor their results, whether by means of the social media or otherwise; and, lastly, something that is enormously interesting and increasingly appreciated: transparency. Thanks to business intelligence, Igarle can make an ONG transparent for the Public Administrations, their members, other countries…

At the end of the day, the added value that these tools can provide when handled by a qualified, experienced team, such as Igarle, is enormous.

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