GipuzkoAPPs 2013 competition

Igarle wins in the professional category with its corporate management APP GOZProSuite.

GOZ Professional Suite is a professional software solution developed by Igarle for devices with Android operating system, that solves present needs that have not been solved well by SMEs and micro-SMEs, and specific needs of freelance workers. The three sectors it is specialised in are: Commercial, Transport and Maintenance Customer Care Service. This market approach determines certain indispensable characteristics that are common to the applications that comprise the GOZ Pro Suite:
  • Mobility (The work must be carried out in movement).
  • MultiERP (to simultaneously integrate information with several of these).
  • SaaS (Pay per use, facilitates access and scalability to attend to a range from few to many contractors).
The suite integrates three App in which mobility and data capture in real time are an indispensable part of the efficiency and competitiveness of the company. This allows it to offer its work more competitively, reducing the terms for delivery of its services and to update information, at the same time as it makes it impossible for there to be errors in the information supply chain. These three applications also form part of the life cycle of the product (sell, deliver and maintain) and the colours that identify each one of these have been chosen according to the emotional characteristic s of each one of them:
  • Sales Manager: Sell, Red, aggressiveness required for the sale.
  • OC Manager: Transport, Green, sustainability of well organised logistics.
  • Customer Care/Task Manager: Maintain, White, purity, honesty and good service.
Along with the simplicity of its handling, there is the simplicity of designing and understanding the existing pay for use alternatives, adapted in terms where parameters may be set for each of the needs and circumstances present in every profession and for all people involved. For further information.