An average of 18,725 people goes through the ItsasArte-MiramArt tunnel per day

A month ago, the work of art sponsored by Igarle in the ItsasArte-MiramArt tunnel was inaugurated, a smart artistic project with a citizen participation and capacity counting system.

A month after the ItsasArte-MiramArt project was inaugurated, installed in the Pico del Loro pedestrian tunnel, the Diario Vasco has provided us with an interesting summary on the work itself and on the smart system, where Igarle played a fundamental role. This smart system, “SmartArt” has counting sensors to control those present, and a totem designed to provide for citizen participation, transparency and information with an innovative participation and promotion system that blends the public and private initiative. Said citizen participation is already operative with the Pintxovote project. Anyone can give their opinion on the work through the free missed-call system. Just by dialling a phone number, you can vote. As a reward, the pedestrian receives an invitation to taste a pintxo at the Branka or Iturrioz restaurant for free. In turn, Igarle has designed and provided powerful control panels to Town Hall to analyse all of the information collected on this work of art and its environment. cuadros-mando-presencia-EN cuadros-mando-pintxovote-EN cuadros-mando-tiempo-EN