ItsasArte-MiramArt: The tunnel in El Antiguo comes to life

The ItsasArte-MiramArt project in San Sebastián opens on 14 July 2016, a project that breathes life into the pedestrian tunnel in El Antiguo.

Today is a good day for the city. As part of the San Sebastián 2016 legacy and thanks to a donation from Angulas Aginaga, Igarle, Lurgen and Aelvasa, and the work of the artist and painter, Victor Goikoetxea, and the architect and urban planner, Xabier Barrutieta, we are opening Itsasarte/Miramart – a project that will transform the pedestrian tunnel into an innovative artistic and underwater sensory experience that will include smart technologies.

Igarle S.L., a company based in San Sebastián for over 22 years that specialises in the development and implementation of technology solutions for organisations and individuals, wished to “wrap” the piece by Victor Goikoetxea in a layer of smart technology.

Our commitment to technologies related to information analysis – this time applied to the field of art, tourism and citizen participation (Smart Art) – is what led us to jointly finance this unique project.

Thanks to this smart technology, “the piece now also listens to its visitors rather than only speaking to them”.

By designing and integrating similar information sources, we managed to recreate an environment that provides spaces to be enjoyed, for participation, opinion, transparency, loyalty and analysis integrated with contextual information. As an enhancement of its own expression, the work offers technological immersion into a digital ecosystem that contains and reflects the reality of its surroundings.

In short, we have designed an innovative Smart Art addition (Smart Dive) that provides our city with a unique and exclusive space. A place with a life of its own to continue innovating in the future. A flexible and sustainable legacy.

One of the first activities in this new environment, which will gradually evolve over time, is a new concept called Pintxovote, in which anyone who takes part by giving their opinion about the ItsasArte-Miramart project is invited to enjoy a free pintxo courtesy of La Gula del Norte at two famous establishments in our city (Branka and Iturrioz).

Fran Manzano with the mayor of Donostia Eneko Goia

Inauguration of the artwork ItsasArte-MiramArt