Launching a new brand and a new website

Igarle launches its new website and corporate brand as part of its process of constant change and adjustment to the current situation

Due to changes that have occurred over time, Igarle has gradually extended its fields of expertise. When it was first established in 1994, Igarle started working on the development of its ERP Nucleo solution. In year 2000 delocalization, communications and mobility came together and led to the development of software for the logistics sector. In 2005, aware of the fact that companies gather large amounts of quality information from different sources and of heterogeneous content, it decided to start developing business dashboards. The very same year, Igarle started to go deeper into the world of healthcare offering various solutions. In 2009, knowing how important it was to have trustworthy information exchange in order to maintain information quality inside companies, Igarle designed and placed a firm bet on interoperability. By now, Igarle’s restlessness has led it to embark on new paths, observe the world and spot new opportunities on the market in order to launch new projects and go inside new technologies. It is for this reason that Igarle launches its new website with its new solutions and expertise.

Broadening and diversifying the range of solutions and specialties contrasts with the synthesis and unification of its corporate brand. That is how the new logo is born. It is an evolution from the previous ones, respecting all the while its colors and symbols. The new logo conveys the message of an end and the beginning of a new path, of what we reap after we sow but it also symbolizes the seed of a possible project.

We hope you will enjoy it.