“Do you think your ERP is mute?” online seminar

In this seminar, we will examine the success stories of Grupo Vicinay, Olarra and Norbert Dentressangle to discover how we can better harness investment in AS400.

On 13 January, Igarle will offer an online seminar in which success stories will be used to present data use solutions for such ERPs as AS400. The seminar will begin at 11:00 and last for 30 minutes.

The enormous potential of AS400 is well-known. The companies that committed to this IBM solution are averse to switching from ERP. Its high initial cost, stability and capabilities, which are usually tailored to suit each business, make it extremely difficult to replace within an organisation. Its main drawback is a relative inability to harness data. Its famous black screens with green text – dating back to 1988 – are unable to respond to more modern requirements in terms of information analysis. In this seminar, we will tell you how to make AS400 “talk to you” through the experience we have gained in projects undertaken with Grupo Vicinay, Olarra and Norbert Dentressangle.

If you would like to attend, please get in touch with us. Places are limited.