What happened at The Breakfast With Experts at the 18th National Hospital Congress

Creating sustainable value.

Under the theme title CREATING SUSTAINABLE VALUE, Igarle presented its breakfast with experts: Efficiency and competitiveness in health: Business Discovery & Benchmarking, Interoperability of CMDB and GRD on 22nd February at the Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao. In spite of the scheduled time, it being the last day of the congress, following the closing dinner the previous evening, there was good attendance and participation by those present. Health system planning, organisation and control is unavoidably based on adequate information management. Controlling growing costs and optimising both the processes as well as resource assignment are challenges that are impossible to achieve without the support of technological tools and help in decision making. To go deeper into this, the talks took place in the following order: To begin the session, Fran Manzano, Manager of Igarle and Chairman of Gaia Net Exchange, explained “The Six Verbs of the Document” and what each of these concerns, referring to the concept of interoperability in health. Thanks to Business Discovery and interoperability in the different scopes and disciplines forming adequate management of the health sector, this requires a series of technological standards to be established (HL7, DICOM, CDA) and semantic ones to enable information exchange between different tools, being able to understand that data and provide it meaning and utility. Afterward, Agustín Aguirre, from the medical management of the Clínica Asunción, gave his presentation “Lets try to understand each other”, in which he explained the electronic medical record, that is, the indispensable tool for the medical professional to be able to carry out his activity and thus be able to provide the patient the best possible care. And, to end the description of the talks, David Monzón, Business Discovery Manager at Igarle, Business Discovery Qlikview strategy, emphasised the advantage of the Data Base & Benchmarking in Health as an opportunity for competitive improvement. In the final presentation, those attending were shown a project based on interoperability that integrates information and indicators between public and private organisations in the Basque Country. The aim of that integration and standardisation is to guarantee improved efficiency of health organisations, the main focuses of which are saving and improvement of service to the patient. After these three talks, there was a coffee break accompanied by a pleasant, interesting debate in which those present also participated.