Evolution from data to knowledge

Event organised by Nextel, “Evolution from data to knowledge” scheduled at Alhóndiga in Bilbao on 22nd February

The event organised by Nextel, “Evolution from data to knowledge”, is to be held on 22nd February at Alhóndiga in Bilbao, on innovation of treatment of business information. Fran Manzano, the Manager of Igarle, will participated as a speaker. The talk then will be about Business Discovery in QlikView, “Appreciated computing versus unappreciated computing”. The programme is as follows:
  • 9:30 Inscription and delivering documentation
  • 10:00 Red Hat/ JBoss – “JBoss Enterprise Middleware: Benefits and value proposal” Consuelo Sánchez Fraile, Channel Manager at Red Hat
  • 10:30 SIS Solution – “Compile, update and control information in a safe, flexible way”. Sergio Mugarza, Product Manager at SISVcorp
  • 11:00 QlikView, Business Discovery – “Appreciated computing vs Unappreciated computing” Fran Manzano, Manager at Igarle
  • 11:30 Coffee break
  • 12:00 Case study: Consultoría Nextel S.A. – “Consultancy projects: making the effort profitable” Joserra Concha, IT Consultancy, Governance and Management Officer at Nextel, S.A.
  • 12:15 Case study: Biobasque – “Maximum efficiency in management of sectorial information” Iñigo Vallejo, Business Process Consultancy.
  • 12:30 Case study: EUDEL – “Transparent, true public information for e-administration” Elisa Gómez, Eudel and Ricardo Acebedo, Client Engineering
  • 12:45 Case study: BasqueTeam – “Faster, higher, stronger … and safer”. Pablo González, Telematic Application Integration.
  • 13:00 Session conclusion.