Business Discovery for the logistic sector. Integration of heterogeneous data

Webinar with experts on 28th May 10:00 at 10:45

Inclusion of information management tools in the logistics and transport sector allows its effectiveness and efficiency to be improved, to increase the quality of the service, improve competitiveness and reach a greater number of clients. In a brief, productive online session, those attending may obtain valuable conclusions to improve efficiency, definitively the competitiveness of their organisations. The improvement options explained shall be extended in an integrated manner throughout the whole of the supply chain: from optimisation of the time dedicated by the management team to analyse and make decisions, to comparing and detailing costs for each internal section or activity of their warehouses, flows with clients and providers, outsourced services (such as Google Maps,…) Thanks to Business Discovery, your organisation will be able to obtain data and compare information, from overall to detailed analysis, an agile way to in-depth examination among origins of heterogeneous data, anytime, anywhere. Among many other things, this will allow you:
  • To improve the control and quality of the supply
  • To improve cost control and management
  • To optimise the information the client is provided
  • To increase the quality of the service provided
  • To optimise your company’s margins on each service provided
All attending this session shall be entitled to perform a concept test and a return on investment study of their specific case, at no cost whatsoever to the beneficiaries. Register now More information For further information: