Agreement on applying specialized technology in healthcare management

Hygehos signs an agreement with an Indian company, in order to unite technology from Digital Clinical History with an intelligent patient monitoring system.

Hygehos (Clinical History and Hospital Management) is the result of interdisciplinary collaboration between technological companies STT and Igarle and the social healthcare company YTB. Asunción Clinic, on the behalf of Hygehos, signed a new collaboration agreement with the Indian company Plenar Technologies that specializes in applications for remote patient monitoring through mobile devices. The Indian company’s management were in Tolosa last Thursday in order to initial the agreement that would pull together technologies from the Electronic Clinical History, software for clinical history management developed by Hygehos, with the help of Doctodoor, the Indian company’s product for Remote Patient Monitoring. Mr. Parikshit Thakur, Plenar Technologies’ CEO, visited Igarle’s office in San Sebastian, where an agreement was reached on the model and scope of Igarle’s participation on this important international project. Igarle Health – related link