Electronic Health Record

What is Electronic Health Record?

This tool is essential for any medical professional to do his work and provide patients with the best care possible.

Advantages over paper

  • Improvements within the system of checking and accessing information
  • Processing and recording data
  • Complying with information safety, confidentiality and control regulations
  • One-to-one correspondence with analysis, reporting and decision making tools.
  • Heterogeneous data integration focused on the interoperability between systems.
  • Integration with electronic communication, connectivity and social environment systems.

Thanks to Business Intelligence we can to go deeper inside the organization and reach patient level while being able to create a link with other knowledge tools such as Patient’s Health Record so that we can rapidly make decisions that are in the patient´s best interest and make the best use of available resources. This means an enormous improvement in saving time while providing services for the patient as it avoids time loss, delays, and poor use of resources.

Tailored or added data analysis lets you make decisions for the future that equally allow you to enhance quality and make the best use of resources in the future.


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