Healthcare Dashboards

Elements common to all dashboards

1 Standardized dashboards

As a result of all the experience in implementation in both public and private healthcare centers, our dashboards comply with information and analysis standards in any section or department of a healthcare organization.

2 Flexible development

Its intelligent design allows for effortless modification both in data source and in viewing elements without having to rebuild the entire model. This guarantees over time a flexible, profitable and sustainable application and evolution.

3 Heterogeneous sources integration

It makes it easy to manage heterogeneous aggregated data coming from different centers, different HIS tools and different information sources. This feature allows for benchmarking between different centers, sections and activities.


Financial/analytical dashboard

Control dashboard for all financial reports, ratios, budget control, general accounting, analysis in cost integrated centers with drugs and material consumption analysis.
Health helps resolve aspects related to the availability, classification, access control to said information and helps bring that information to the citizens if required so.

Care dashboard

Integral dashboard for care rates, analysis of hospital and financial management in different areas that form part of healthcare centers that are within the organization (Total Act., Hospital Act, Emergency Act, Outpatient Act) that lets carry out comparisons between centers, periods of time, etc. providing the management with absolute control in all of the care provided.

Administrative Dashboard

Control dashboard for the administrative tasks carried out in a healthcare center. Main management indicators, meeting goals, alerts.

Quality dashboard

Dashboard that identifies the level of compliance with the objectives set for every indicator in different areas in the center and lets measure the performance, the organizational efficiency and care quality as well as the launching of corrective measures.

Managements Dashboard

Ad hoc dashboard that lets the management see all the vital indicators in the healthcare center.

Hospitalization Dashboard

Dashboard for main entry indicators, hospital treatment, occupancy of bed-places in different sections, and usage rate of surgery rooms. Analysis, drill down, from summary information to absolute detail.

Benchmarking Dashboard

Activity indicators comparative analysis (GDR) dashboard in the center, compared to other centers within the same organization, to centers in the area at local, State and international levels.

Supply Dashboard

Dashboard that analyzes consumption in terms of volume and value of different types of material, identifying needs for material purchase and planning, which ensures good functioning and guarantees support.


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